Advanced Lionfish Hunter

Our lionfish hunting course is perfect for eco-conscious divers of all levels who want to help protect marine ecosystems.

During the course, you’ll learn about proper hunting techniques and tools, and then put your new skills to the test with a lionfish hunting dive. Whether you’re an experienced diver or just starting out, you can participate as long as you’re in good physical health and at least 15 years old. No prior lionfish hunting experience is necessary, and no fishing license is required.

We provide tanks, air, and weights, as well as scuba gear available for rent, including polespears and extra Zoo Keepers. To make the most of your experience, we recommend bringing reef-safe sunscreen, a towel, comfortable boat shoes, bottled water and snacks.

Upon completion of the lionfish hunting course, not only will you have contributed to the protection of our marine ecosystems, but you’ll also receive a certification to show off your new skills and knowledge.

Keep reading to learn more about how our course is perfect for eco-conscious divers of all levels.

Get started

Ready to start your lionfish hunting adventure? Head over to our social media or website to select your preferred classroom training day and course. Once you’ve filled your mind with all the necessary information, send us a message, and we’ll respond promptly to confirm your booking. Our instructors will then reach out to you to arrange everything you need to begin your training, from rental equipment to pole spears and more.

Got questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. And while you’re here, ask our dive professionals about student discounts on equipment and additional dives during your vacation.

Let’s dive in and help eliminate these invasive species from our waters together!

What’s next

Once your mind is filled with all the necessary knowledge from completing the classroom training, you’ll be itching to dive in and begin your lionfish hunting adventure, and even more curious about future diving sessions with us.